The power of a Gossip

What if you found out something about me that you don’t approve of but has nothing to do with you? maybe you spotted me with a glass of martini or getting intimate with someone..would that really change the reality of me? would I all of a sudden move from the ‘good’ person category to the ‘bad’?

I was SHOCKED, really shocked when I heard that this happened to someone around me.. someone who was at the top of their game.. a really good heart and a respectful person who has been scrutinized for their lifestyle of choice which by the way had nothing to do with every one of us.. this is the power of Gossip!

What really shocked me was not other’s approval or disapproval of that person .. I’ve heard all the gossips and seen the fake pretentious smiles.. but what really shocked me was the reaction of some of the people who I respect who had the authority to ask this person to leave ‘the gathering’ .. because their choices may have affects in when way or another although they truly like and approve of this person’s choice of life … but the power of society comes first!

I wish that we start to look at the things that we have in common more than the things that would tear us apart… but that’s just my opinion what is yours?


Kuwait, I love you But


Do you find Kuwait to be a boring place? do you feel there’s nothing to do around here? do you feel that it’s very hard to meet people and strike up friendships with locals? well I think I’ve heard every possible answer, many of them might have been from my own mouth!

I’ll be honest here, since I am all about honesty, yes I do believe that there is so much missing in here. I’ve always believed and still do that Kuwait has potential to be one of the most interesting cities in the region if it opened its mind and doors to its younger generation.. however, boring is far from what this country is.. I learned that in recent years.

I don’t think that it is the place that makes a person bored but rather the person him/herself .. you can be in Vegas and find the time to be ‘bored’ (believe me I had a friend who spent most of the Vegas vacation in the hotel and NO not in that dirty mind of yours way!)

I had few days off work on my hand and I decided to spend them exploring the city and doing things that I’ve been putting off for a while so I started by visiting some of the galleries and events going on:

The Sultan Gallery, I really loved this place the renovation of it and the atmosphere.. It is a gallery in the industrial area of Sabhan and it supports local talents so it’s a great way to meet people in that department.

FA Gallery, a place that I’ve been hearing of for a while now but been busy or too lazy to make time for.. Am glad I did though. It’s a renovated traditional villa with modern artistic touch. There’s a nice gallery area in the first floor that exhibits new work every now and then. On the second floor there’s a male/female clothing and accessory section with unique stuff from places like Brazil and Japan but what really excited me was the top floor rent space for parties, bbq, birthdays or whatever you like .. the place has a nice spacious balcony overlooking the Gulf .. I wanted to live there( I really did, I asked them but they thought I was joking) .. the guy running the place was nice too and asked me if I wanted coffee, it felt like visiting someone’s home..

I heard a lot about cinemagic rooftop cinema and I finally booked my ticket … the place is AMAZING .. what’s better than watching movies in the open air.. well watching the best independent movies in the open air .. they have a great selection of  award-winning movies from all over the world and guess what it’s not censored! I had a great time over there and now it’s almost a weekly thing for me.

Kuwait lacks its share of good theatres, long gone the days of great plays and musicals when we were kids! Kuwait Little Theatre is the next best thing.. it’s a small , really small, theatre that runs ‘english’ plays and musicals throughout the year .. I saw ‘Barefoot Park’  and had a good time laughing.. I think that they’re having ‘Hairspray’ the musical soon..

exercising is definitely one way that makes me enjoy my time here meeting new people of all sorts every month …

There’s always something to do when we look around …some places require us to look deeper but eventually we will find new things to do whether it’s joining a book club, exercising group, attend an event or anything else..

It’s a human nature to find fault in things  around us, but are we totaly wrong here? could there exist a place where we can find eveything we want? a state of euphoria?