In search of satisfaction (part 2)

Saturday 10:41am – a blank post waiting to be filled with words, a mind that just went BLANK! Why did I decide to blog again? Things are busy as it is, will I even find the time after lengthy minutes of a numb mind?

Well, let me re-introduce myself here. I started blogging last year under q8travelbud (if you are an old reader then it’s good to see you again) and I took a looooong break, well to be honest things got busy and I decided to stop blogging period. so what has changed in the past few months? A LOT!

First I am not 30 yet (again for the old readers) but I almost got to do my “before I turn thirty” to-do list and quite excited about it .. I lost over 17kg and completed my first triathlon. so life has been pretty good to me!

Few days ago I had a phone conversation with my friend (hmmmm let me call him Adam since I might be mentioning him often) about life, our lives to be exact.. I am a person that constantly chase satisfaction (call it happiness) in life, which is good if you manage to appreciate the searching process and bad if you can’t (i might have fallen in the latter lately)..Adam is about to embark on a new life (he’s getting married! or technically speaking ‘got’ married) and what can be better than a fresh start and the anticipation of the unknown.. we often have long conversations about life, doubts and stuff.. he told me that he travelled recently to Makkah in hope to sort out his life and he found himself still lost and unable to find answers which might have left him more confused .. in our last conversation he asked me that all the people around him, his friends and family, are living their lives ‘normally’ and it seemed uncomplicated.. is it possible that we (‘figuratively’ pointing the finger at me) are complicating life searching for satisfaction and what not?!

I told him that I believe there are three types of people .. some that are happy, they are satisfied with what they have in life and those are the people I most admire.. then there are those who don’t know how to be happy, life to them might be a check box (highschool done, college done, marriage done, kids done etc..) they live their lives according to rules set by society and people and although they may seem to have checked al the right boxest they are just surrendering to life as it is without the satisfaction of day to day life and those are most of the people my friend Adam was talking about … then there are those who are constantly looking for happiness. Now those people may get lost along the way … they may lose track of life and just keep searching but never really finding satisfaction thus ending up in the ‘unhappy’ category .. and there are those who are still looking but enjoying the process along the way and really ending up finding happiness in the process of it all..

Adam’s questions took me back to a series of questions floating inside my head for a while.. questions that are the birth of day to day experiences and those questions no matter how silly, smart, funny  or inappropriate they may seem they deserve taking a minute to think about.. 

So I guess I’ll allow my friend Adam to ask the very first question: When it comes to life, are we really complicating it by searching for complete satisfaction?